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Gain more Instagram followers by using these 10 steps to increase your audience

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Instagram is now the core of the social media presence of many brands that drives profitable traffic to blogs, increasing conversions, and creating an engaged community.

In the event that you're Instagram presence isn't as thriving as you'd like perhaps it's the right time improve your strategies for gaining real, genuine fans on Instagram. The more followers you have the more chances for you to interact with your followers and create unique experiences for them.


Organic distinctions are vital Sometimes, brands choose the easy route when they want to increase the number of Instagram followers. Pay-per-like and follower websites are all over the place However, these shortcuts don't work since the Instagram algorithm is regularly modified to eliminate fake accounts, paid for and interactions.


Additionally the amount of followers you have of followers you have on your Instagram following isn't really worth much in the absence of an engaged fan base that purchases and visit your landing pages and also advocates for your brand with their friends and followers. Begin to build your following correctly by using these strategies for increasing your Instagram followers.


10 ways to increase Instagram followers


1. Make sure you optimize your Instagram account


Before you begin finding out ways to increase followers on Instagram One of the most crucial steps is to make sure your account is completely optimized. Imagine your brand's Instagram profile like the "homepage" for your account.


With no bios, picture captions, a suitable username or profile picture How will users know that the account is part of your company? This may seem easy however on Instagram your profile picture and bio are the primary elements of your brand's image. Your bio's link is the sole place to bring Instagram visitors to your website therefore optimizing your profile is crucial.


If you're not sure what to link to, consider the product or marketing pages that are related to specific hashtags, keywords or posts in the Instagram account. The option of linking to your home page is fine- but why not provide users with an experience that is seamless when they move from your bio page to your website? This has led to the rise of IG link landing pages which contain relevant links to final few articles featured on a feed for a particular brand and "link to bio" posts that direct users to the relevant hyperlinks.


Keep your username as search-friendly as you can This usually means staying closely to your brand name. If the name of your business is lengthy, reduce it to something that your target audience will recognize. Do not add numbers or specific characters in your name. If you are able, make it consistent with other handles on social media you already have.


The most effective way to improve your Instagram account is to design and implement an Instagram marketing plan. You can learn more on Stack-writer.


2. Keep a consistent content calendar


The most dangerous thing you can do to gain fans for Instagram is to publish content randomly, at random times. If you're fortunate enough to have people following you from early on, then you won't want to cause them to forget why they joined at all.


To prevent this from happening, stick the same schedule of posting. In general, brands should not post more than a couple of times every day to avoid being seen as spam however, whatever frequency you choose to use be sure to keep it constant. Around 200 million Instagram users visit the site every day to browse the web even further, consider posting a few times during the day.


In the actuality, our personal research into the best times to upload to Instagram reveals the most effective times to post across multiple industries. You can also study our research on the most effective times for the various topics in the following table:


A consistent schedule can help you create an ongoing experience for your fans and ensure they stay informed of your company's name. But if you're wondering if you'll remember to post at these various times of the day We've got your back by using Sprout's scheduling tools and optimal time features. Read here for more information.


3. Plan Instagram posts ahead of time


Although it is true that the Instagram algorithm has been changed to provide users with more content that they enjoy and post at the appropriate time can increase the visibility of your posts by increasing the amount of engagement that they receive.


There's plenty your business can do to increase its the visibility of your brand, and using Sprout Social, scheduling Instagram content is just one of the ways. With our most recent tools, we'll be able to assist your company in scheduling content using a simple process.


When you schedule content in advance all of your team members can monitor schedules and campaigns more effectively. It's always wise to roll your content prior to when you need it and, with Instagram's Instagram calendar tools you'll be able to get your message out to your target audience and keep an ongoing flow of content all at the same at the same time.


It is also possible to use the patent-pending ViralPost feature, and let us handle the task for you. ViralPost examines your profile's engagement history and pinpoints the best times to post using an algorithm.


Get your Instagram content plan using Sprout Social.


Alongside creating a complete image of your Instagram content calendar, Sprout offers even more features to help you improve your brand's feed.


Make sure you share IG-approved images with your team by using Our Asset Library, or test our grid-view feature that lets you ensure that every element of your image is in line with the style of your brand.


Have a first-hand glimpse of these features and much more with the 30-day trial period of Sprout.


4. Find brand ambassadors and partners to share your content


When you're learning to gain more Instagram followers, it's crucial to be aware of the value of your followers. The more followers you have increases (organically) the more potential buyers and customers will be able to attract.


The best method to encourage your followers who follow your Instagram is to put yourself there and show up. It's crucial to be active on your personal Instagram and other Instagram accounts. You can sponsor user-generated content to ensure your brand is featured on the feeds of your customers. It is also possible to hold Instagram contests to build your brand's name out there.


reach a wider reach to a larger. These types of campaigns help build social proof, by showing that your followers are committed enough to share your content or make your own UGC.


Another option is to put your name placed in front of a wider crowd. Make an effort to collaborate with larger Instagram accounts within your field including influential influencers from your industry and share your content with their followers.


Make sure that you're offering something that is valuable. The one thing you do not want to do is appear to be too aggressive. Find collaborations in marketing and co-marketing plans with other companies to increase your reach on Instagram.


5. Beware of the fake Instagram followers. Avoid fake Instagram


There's a vast distinction from an Instagram account that has fake followers authentic followers. It may be appealing to buy Instagram followers however the negative consequences outweigh the benefits of growing followers organically.


Fake Instagram followers usually:


* Trick new followers into joining If people visit an unactive Instagram feed that has many thousand followers, this can reduce the credibility of the account. Do not fool people into following your account. Develop trust and establish lasting relationships to increase engagement.


* Don't generate any ROI It may seem more convenient to buy followers, however the bot you've purchased or new followers won't buy any products. The people who follow brands on Instagram because they love the content you post or about your business generally. They're real buyers and can be a significant source of revenue for your company.


There is a lack of buzz. How many fake users of them are likely to like, comment on and share your posts? It is likely that these fake or bot accounts will be sifted by Instagram, and deleted. This will make your posts appear like engagement graveyards.


Real people are able to post, like, share and interact with the Instagram content you post. In addition, they enjoy having an individual who is responding.


For instance, Lush Cosmetics takes the time to respond to different questions related to their products. This leads to customers returning and following them, or even sharing the information with other people. This kind of interaction will always be more value than a group of unengaged followers.


6. Present your Instagram all over the world.


What will make it easier for people to find your Instagram account if you do not advertise your Instagram account? Be sure that your Instagram account is on your website as well as different social media networks.


The process of creating visibility and gaining attention is among the most effective methods of getting noticed. If you really want to increase your Instagram followers make sure that people know how to locate you. You can include social media buttons on your blog and website to promote social shares across all of your networks , and also show your followers where you can be found on Instagram.


Another excellent idea is to cross-promote across all your social media accounts. For instance, the Museum of Modern Art regularly promotes its Instagram via Twitter. It is easy to leverage your other social networks to lead people to Instagram.


But, ensure that you're not asking for followers. Instead, try to create unique content on your Instagram so that users have an incentive to follow you. It's a good thing, as Instagram expanding its offerings with new videos and content features such as Stories, IGTV and Reels There is a fantastic chance to increase your followers with original content.


7. Post content fans would like to


Although this can be much more complicated than it appears It's a good idea to find out what your followers would like to be able to see. You'll soon discover on Instagram that certain posts perform better than other content. This is the reason why testing is essential.


It doesn't matter if it's captions, filters and content types, or even posting times, even the smallest small thing can make all the difference. Keep an eye on the ground to keep up with the latest trends on Instagram to ensure you're posting content that's popular.


For your research to go one higher level of analysis, your company ought to make the investment to invest in Instagram analytical tools. This will help to keep track of as well as benchmark and analyse Instagram content across different accounts.


Be confident about how you plan your posts by studying different captions, filters and more to determine which ones work best for your viewers. If you're not sure where you should begin, you can start by looking at your competition.


You shouldn't copy directly your rivals However, it's smart to note down the content they're posting or doing which encourages engagement. A little bit of research into your competition can be a big help. It's possible to use the report on Instagram Competitors report to get insight into the strategies of other brands in your sector.


8. Start the conversation


One of the most effective methods to get users to be more aware of Instagram is through conversations. Based on the data from 2020's Sprout Social Index, consumers are more likely to interact with visual content, such as images (68 percent) and videos (50 50 percent) and are which is followed by 30% of users who prefer to interact with texts on posts. Instagram is the perfect platform for this profile of the audience and combines visually appealing images with captions that are equally engaging if you master your Instagram copywriting abilities.


People continue to use social media as a primary brand's point of contact regardless of whether it's for casual chats, questions or serious customer service inquiries, or praise for their favourite companies and brands. In order to be successful in your business you must be a good communicator and supportive on Instagram.


Make sure to reply to any comments or questions as you can, since it could be the difference between having an additional customer, following or strengthening your relationships with your followers. We've found that our Index research also revealed that 89% of people are likely to purchase from a brand after having followed them on social media therefore it is crucial to gain the attention and loyalty required to turn visitors to your page to an avid follower.





9. Find hashtags that can be converted to


One of the most tried and tested methods to gain people to follow Instagram is to use hashtags. For years , hashtags been a vital instrument for discovering and have allowed us to expand our social media reach. As marketer, you would like to grow your following through gaining followers. And hashtags can help you do that.


First, look for hashtags that aren't too heavily populated. Social Media Examiner points this idea out in detail by explaining how the hashtag #love is home to greater than 184 million pictures associated with it. The task of highlighting your Instagram content among an ocean of millions of photos and videos isn't something you can do easily.


It is important to identify hashtags that your intended group are more likely to investigate. If a connection that is relevant is made, those people will be more inclined to follow your page. Unique hashtags that are branded and unique are a method to organize posts that are relevant to your company and its campaigns.


For instance, M&Ms does a great job of focusing hashtags on an event in which they're taking part. Through hashtags like #mmspotlight, the company can target its customers more precisely where the concert's spotlight is and also creates awareness.


Knowing the performance of your hashtags on Instagram is equally crucial to making use of hashtags effectively. With the tools Sprout Social offers for hashtag analytics you'll have access to performance and usage information to determine the most effective hashtags.


Do not blindly dive into the hashtag world, be aware of the hashtags you're using so that you can increase your followership.


10. Your Instagram followers satisfied


The last but not least If you can make your followers on Instagram happy and satisfied, you will see the results in the growth of your audience. We've shared many suggestions to think about and plan your content to put these into action in a manner that is authentic to your brand's voice. That is, you should be careful not to appear smug and sales-driven, or robotic.


For some accounts, this could mean sprinkled in content that is legitimately intended to bring a smile to your followers' faces and help build relationships with customers. Be sure to give information to followers in the same way as if they were on your personal feeds This could include posting photos, memes, inspirational posts or simply re-sharing intriguing pictures or images (all appropriately creditable obviously) which will give your followers a bit of a energy boost throughout the day.

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